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Benefits, restrictions and how to use Gatwick Airport online check in

By far the worst sight to be greeted with when arriving at the airport is the queue with no apparent end! We’ve all been there, you arrive, you make towards the check-in desks and then you stop, literally, all progress is halted by the 100 plus people standing in your queue. The wait is further hampered by that one group who have lost their booking documents and have 6 sets of skis and boots to check-in! All of this eats into the time you had planned to spend in Duty Free and the Terminal, buying the latest best seller novels, topping up your fragrance stocks or enjoying some pre-flight drinks.

This can all be avoided now with the introduction of online check-in Gatwick Airport. An increasing number of airlines are now offering this service, even the budget airlines, and it is really very simple. The best way to find out which Airlines offer online check-in Gatwick Airport is to visit the Gatwick Airport Information website. This site gives a comprehensive listing of the airlines offering online checkin and provides links to the online check-in Gatwick Airport pages.

To check-in online, you simply visit the airlines website and click on the online checkin box. Generally the service is available from 24 hours before flight departure. You will need your booking reference number and your personal details, then simply follow the on-screen instructions. In most cases, you can also choose your own seats, a handy way to get seats with extra leg room! You will also be able to print your own boarding pass meaning you can totally bypass those nasty check-in queues.

But what if I have baggage to check-in? No problems, most airlines have fast drop baggage points for this very reason. When you use the Gatwick Airport online check in service, you will be advised of the procedure for this.


As always there are restrictions to be aware of. Some airlines, mainly the budget ones, only accept online checkin for people travelling with hand luggage only. Others will only provide the service for people who booked online originally.

There are also some limitations for larger groups travelling together or people requiring assistance at the airport. The best thing is to do your research in advance to ensure you meet the relevant criteria.

So after you have completed the online checkin process and dropped your bags at the fast drop point what next? Simply take your printed boarding pass and passport to the security gates and enjoy the time you have left to relax, shop, eat, drink or whatever else takes your fancy.

But don’t get carried away, don’t forget to be at your boarding gate on time!

This article is free for republishing with links intactBethanie Ashley is a frequent traveller keen to pass on time and money saving advice such as how to get to the airport, Gatwick parking, Terminal facilities, Airport security, and for booking and paying for airport lounges, car rental, airport parking, travel insurance and foreign currency, can be found on theGatwick Information.

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